The Ordinary President began today’s program with a sermon calling on all Nigerians to work together as a team to move Nigeria forward to fight corruption as like minds wanting the good of the country. Advising that adjustment to life can be the solution to certain problems. He shares his story of how he started and got to where he is today saying people should stop comparing themselves with their mates in better positions.

Then is the case of a man who alleges that his son went missing after leaving the house that faithful day to go visit his friend. He extensively narrates what transpired afterwards and how he have put all his efforts to see that his son returns back but to no avail so he now seeks the help of the brekete family to enable him get back his son. The Ordinary President asks that his son’s picture is shown online as he gives his parents the chance to speak with their son on air hoping he listens to them as they appeal for his return home.

Afterwards is the case of a woman who alleges to have paid over 2 million naira for a young man she took as her brother to go for hajj. She narrates how she got involved with trying to assist the young man by helping him to pay the needed sum for his hajj travel which they eventually did saying years passed but he couldn’t travel for one reason or the other that it got to a point they where told the money he paid has been withdrawn and tracing the withdrawn money to who actually did, they discovered its the son of the imam in charge of the pilgrim travel. The Ordinary President ask that she returns on Monday to continue her case.

The Ordinary President then calls a woman on air whom he says alleges that her daughter went missing after an occasion was held close to their house. He then supports a family with 50kg of rice and a 100,000 naira then he briefly permits the president of the original inhabitants development association of Abuja to speak on their intervention in a family case handed over to them. In bringing the program to a close, the Ordinary President gives room to a man who attributes his being alive to the sermon given by the Ordinary President in 2019 as he narrates how things turned south for him that he resorted to committing suicide until God saved him through the sermon by the Ordinary President so he returns with so much gratitude to the Ordinary President offering him some of his products as the first fruit of his business which he promised himself to do.