The program as usual started off on a reflect of time by the Ordinary President dated back to when Nigeria enjoyed relative prosperity, it is acknowledged that while Africans, especially Nigerians, present themselves as good people, the prevailing reality reveals a greater inclination towards religious practices than embodying true godliness.

An update was provided on the case of Saidu Suleiman, who claimed to have suffered an accident while driving a Royal Mass Transit bus owned by Chief Mathew Adonu, resulting in the loss of his hand. The Ordinary President had instructed his lawyer to negotiate with Suleiman regarding his demand for three million Naira. However, the resolution reached was that only five hundred thousand Naira could be offered.

Dr. Otabor shed light on kidney disease, addressing its causes, symptoms, potential cures, and preventive measures. He refuted allegations made against him by the Daily Trust newspaper, asserting that they were untrue. Dr. Otabor revealed that he had taken legal action against the newspaper, citing their motives as rooted in jealousy and envy to destroy his years of hard work.

An update was shared regarding Mama Adamawa, who had been accused of witchcraft a few months prior. Despite the Brekete family’s intervention, including renting a house for her, it was disclosed that Mama Adamawa had reciprocated kindness with falsehood.

The Ordinary President extended a gesture of goodwill to Baba Abdullahi Musa from Saudi Arabia, promising him a house and capital to initiate a business, thereby securing a new start in life.

Lawal Usman, a Fulani man from Enugu, brought forth a complaint against Mr. Chukwudi John, the younger brother of the former governor, alleging that an attack orchestrated by John led to the killing of 74 cows valued at millions of Naira. Frustrated by the lack of assistance from the police, Lawal Usman sought the intervention of the Brekete family and the Ordinary President.

In a poignant segment, victims of one-chance incidents shared their harrowing experiences, recounting the pain and trauma they endured.