Consultant Iyke anchors the program as Mr. Kelechi begins with the sermon reminding everyone as usual to wake up and get themselves busy with achieving their dreams as he make emphasis on those people who are above the age of 60 but still see themselves as orphans that they should wake up and face reality and be alive to face their responsibilities by holding themselves accountable for what is happening their lives.

Consultant Iyke acknowledges and appreciates everyone in the studio and also the viewers and listeners on all the social media platforms, then began with attending to a case update of a complainant that alleged that he works with a Chinese company (Italy Ceramics Limited) in Ogun state and that he was involved in an industrial accident that led to the loss of his 2 fingers. He alleged that the company have refused to compensate him as agreed after the incident, he was directed to the Minister of Labor when he brought his complain to the Brekete family. While narrating, Consultants Iyke lament emphatically on how Nigerian’s are going though pain in the hands of their Chinese employer whenever they faced Industrial accidents. The update according to the Complainant is that they took his statement he went to Ministry of Labor, and a call was put through to the Chinese company who initially proposed to compensate him with N400,000 now increased it to N800,000, Consultant Iyke put a call across to the representative of the Ministry of Labor who happens to follow up the case to appreciate her on her efforts towards getting justice for the victim.

After this, Consultant Iyke gives the Police Liaison officer and his colleague in the studio an opportunity to talk about the matter at hand, as they also made it known that police officers recruitment is ongoing and they made effort to explain to the general public that recruitment into the Nigeria Police force is free. Then, Consultant Iyke further attend to the case of a woman ( Joy Sadau Hannah) who alleged that her Ex husband took her child from her and have denied her access to the child. Narrating her ordeal with her husband, she narrates how her husband divorces her merely three weeks after giving birth their first child (Baby Girl) claiming his Malam told him that they’re not compatible. With regards to this narrative, Consultant Iyke unveils that there was a forgery in the document use to take away the child from the woman. Consultant Iyke calls Mr. Magnus the commander NAPTIP response team to look into the matter at hand, and the response team ask the woman to come to their office immediately for further checkmate into the matter.

Another case looked at was the case of a Man (Udo Chinedu) who alleged that he bought two plots of lands worth 6-million naira from Valighton Homes and Properties and that since 2021 the land have not be developed because it was said that high-tension passed through the land and till date he didn’t get back his money nor land. Consultant Iyke then calls the Valighton Homes and Properties on air to get hear his own side of the story. The respondent claims he knows him as he tried to clarify the issue at hand. And they concluded that they will look for a way to refund back the complainant money.