The program commenced with an uplifting sermon delivered by Mr. Kelechi Nkwocha, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive outlook when pursuing dreams and visions. He urged listeners to prioritize the Creator in all their endeavors, emphasizing the need to think right and stay positive in the face of challenges. Consultant Iyke concluded the sermon by encouraging individuals not to give up on their aspirations.

Following the sermon, Consultant Iyke takes a case update involving a group of individuals who had lodged a complaint alleging that their houses were slated for demolition to make way for a railway garage. While these complainants were in the studio, expressing their concerns, they received a shocking call informing them that their houses had already been demolished. Despite prior assurances of compensation, they had not received any payment for their houses or the economic trees or their property. Dr. Jumai, in her efforts to advocate for the residents, had communicated with the relevant authorities (FCDA) to secure a settlement. However, to their dismay, the houses were demolished before compensation was provided.

In an attempt to shed light on the situation, Consultant Iyke decided to engage Dr. Jumai Ahmadu on air. He sought clarification on why the promised compensation was not fulfilled and why the houses were demolished without prior resolution by making the people stranded.

After this, consultant takes a quick update on the case featured on the 18th of November 2023 (Saturday) by a woman who alleges that on the 25th of October 2023, she took her daughter healthy to school (boarding house) in Kuje, but on the 30th October 2023, she got an emergency call to come carry her daughter due to an ailment and when she went to see her daughter reacting badly to the medication given to her. According to her, she rushed her to Wuse hospital and was referred to national hospital where she’s still receiving treatment from the ICU and the school have showed less concern since the incident so Consultant Iyke calls the school vice principal only to be disappointed by his response to the case, then he calls Dr. Jumai Ahmadu to look into the case that this woman gets justice and was pleased with her response.

So, in regards to the case she came to the studio to give an update that when she went home that Saturday her husband told her that the school called and they also came to see them at home and gave them five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) as compensation as they also said they will come to visit again while showing deep remorse that they never knew that the little girl’s situation was that critical.

Consultant Iyke went on to attend to the case of some complainants who alleged that they were attacked at Anyigba in Kogi State due to the just concluded election conducted in the state. According to them they were the campaign team of one of the contestant Murtala Ajaka (Muri). They went on to narrates what they went through in the hands of these gun men.

While the program was ongoing Consultant Iyke through the Ordinary President recognize the presence of 14 Ex convict in the studio who took turn to narrates the crime that landed them in prison. in the end the Ordinary President gave them 30,000 naira each as gift.