Seated in this video are two complainants who states their allegation against one person and his company (Brookfield Homebuilders). According to the man, he alleges that he was working for the real estate company as a manager before his resignation. That he left the job because of the company’s dishonesty, as the company have a documented agreement of paying certain percentage to workers but refuses to pay the agreed sum of percent upon sales, then slashed the workers salary and finally owed the workers a two months salary which he was fighting for that got him in trouble as the CEO makes for his arrest for fighting for the rights of the workers.

The woman who speaks next alleges to have purchased a house property from the same real estate company through an agent who later left the company. She said after making payment for the purchase of the house, she went to see the house to claim ownership only to be told stories that she have no house with them so she met with the CEO (the same man) who makes empty promises to her only to be disappointed with his action at the end that she neither got the house nor a refund of her money.