Consultant Iyke speaks on environmental sensitivity as the sermon for the day, emphasizing on how information is received and processed, he cites several examples and makes reference to the need to be sensitive in our environment, our body, relationships with others, businesses and life generally as individuals.

He proceeds with attending to the case update of a man who alleges to have paid over 6 million naira to a man to secure a civil defense job but got neither the job nor a refund. After reporting the case, Consultant Iyke sent him to the civil defense commandant for settlement which he returns to give the feedback about but unsatisfied with that, Consultant Iyke calls the public relations officer on air giving them a last chance to settle the complainant otherwise the case will be escalated.

Then is the case of a young man who alleges that he worked with a Chinese company where he sustained an industrial injury leading to the lose of his four fingers and was offered just 150,000 naira as they lay him off. He narrates the pathetic incident and how it happened as Consultant Iyke makes to call the company but before that, the Ordinary President calls in immediately to ask that the case be suspended on air while the company is reached off air to proceed with the case. After this, he receives a call from Dr. Jumia Ahmadu who was given a case to handle the previous day, she gives her feedback according to the law of her organization saying the complainants are not entitled to compensation following a list of enumerated residents but on hearing that they have sufficient documents to back-up their claims of being entitled, she asked to have them.

Then is the case of an elderly man who alleges to have suffered arthritis for long and the expenses incurred into his treatment ran down his business that made him sell his only land to a school owner who owns the school close to his land. He allege to have sold his land at 3 million naira and have been paid only 2.7 million naira ever since but still owes him 300,000 naira knowing his health condition, he also refuses to take his calls so consultant Iyke calls the school owner on air appealing that he pays the elderly man completely soonest.

In bringing the program to an end, a case of a woman who alleges that she unknowingly got a fake visa through a man (travel agent) for her younger sister where asked to return today so Consultant Iyke takes the case as the victim appears in the studio with her sister to briefly narrate her experience, so Consultant Iyke calls the man on air and in response, the accused makes his own claims different from what the complainants alleged against him so he was invited over to the studio the follow day and clearly make his point on air.