Consultant anchors the program as Mr Kelechi begins with the sermon reminding everyone to wake up to the new week and get busy with achieving our dreams quoting that “the worse thing to happen to a child is to live on leaved dreams of the parents”, saying speed is needed to this. Consultant Iyke proceeds in the program with a statement “life is like a bicycle and the only way to maintain your balance is when you move it”. Pointing at the most important thing in life sometimes is about moving.
Consultant Iyke acknowledges and appreciates everyone in the studio, then began with attending to a case update of a complainant who alleged that he got into a business with a partner who collected 85 million naira from him as collaborating for a single contract worth millions of naira. Narrating how he decided to establish his company in Nigeria through which he was introduced to this partner trusting him fulfill his promises of profit upon closing a contract only to be disappointed with his partners reaction to making empty promises so Consultant Iyke calls the partner on air to hear him out but in response, the partner claims to be ill and promises to call back in three days time which was agreed to as Consultant Iyke then instructs the complainant to wait until then.
After this, Consultant Iyke opens the phone lines to receive suggestions and complaints from the public.
Another case update of a man who alleges that he invested over a million naira in the ugwu’s farmers association but thereafter got no returns of neither the product nor his money. With this regards he calls a lead person of the association online who promises to refund the man at the end of the day.
Another case of a complainant records a man who alleges to have returned from the states with some foreign currency (Euro) which he went to deposit in his account in a bank in Kaduna but on his demand for the money later, he got a fake currency from the bank and ever since the bank have not seriously rectified the issue. Consultant Iyke then calls the bank service manager on air but got no response.
Cousntlant Iyke opens the phone line again then give the brekete family partner some time to speak on the export business giving the public opportunity to invest in her local products to get foreign reserves.
A case of two women who alleges they were unlawfully dismissed from a school they worked with no due compensation given them charged for pension while working. Saying they were accused of leaving the toilet dirty whereas its not their duty so they were told to tender their resignation. Alleging that after the unjust dismissal, six persons who are members of the church belonging to the school were called back.